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6th-Dec-2006 03:48 am - Melting
The snow is melting. The roads are a great deal more clear than they have been. My husband has actually been able to get all of the papers to his people on the right day. Our friends who also have a paper route have been having the same problems. Diane has been the ditch at least once and Jerry twice. Diane said that she feels as if all she has done the last three days is sleep and throw papers. It has been a rough nasty weekend.
One of Wes' routes is a town route and very hilly. When we went Sunday, he would stop at the bottom of some hills and walk up to deliver papers. One of the old ladies whose home Wes walked to called and complained that she didn't get her Sunday paper. He put it on her step. Another person Wes had to walk up hill to deliver to came out to greet him saying, "Oh Wes, you didn't have to walk up here to give me my paper."
Wes answered, "I sure wasn't going to drive up here."
The next day that same man meet Wes at his mail box. Keep in mind this is an early morning paper but Wes was still not getting the papers there early in the morning. This man gave him a Christmas card with a lovely note and a twenty five dollar tip.
Another man was so shocked that Wes walked his paper to him that he just keep shaking his hand saying. "Blank blank. I can't believe you did this. Blank blank you didn't need to do this. Well blank blank.
There were those on the other side of the issue. One woman on the country route came out to tell him that she was certain that he could have made it to her house on Friday. In her opinion it wasn't that bad. I bet that old lady didn't leave her house the entire four days.
My favorite was a man who called our house on Friday or Saturday wanting to know when he would get his paper. Wes had been in the ditch that morning. He told the guy that he would get it there as soon as he could do so. The guy wanted his paper now. Did he have to go buy one? Wes told him that was up to him. That man wanted to know if Wes would reimburse him if he did buy his own paper. Wes said he would not. Fifty cents. Fifty cents is what that paper would cost him. This man? Friend of my parents for twenty-five or more years. What can you say? Some people are just silly.
Either way many of us are very glad this nasty stuff is melting.
2nd-Dec-2006 09:55 pm - Snow
I am feeling lighthearted, down right giddy. Why? The hateful nasty disgusting snow is melting. Melting.

We are closing our bookstore. While it sells, my husband is doing two paper routes, a morning route and an afternoon route. The morning route is every day come what may. The afternoon route doesn't have a Saturday paper and the Sunday paper is a morning paper. I throw the Sunday morning paper for the Daily paper. It is normally a nice relaxing drive even at three in the morning. It is not bad.

Throw snow in and all is different. My husband got up at two thirty in the morning Thursday and drove to a nearby town to throw the paper for the Globe in a sleet storm. Did I sleep well? Would you have slept? I thought I called him three times to check on him. He said that I had called twice meaning I had dreamt the third call in my fretful sleep. The route normally takes him two and half to three hours. It took him until five that morning.

It sleeted that entire next day. He started out to throw the Daily which is the afternoon route, but it was too slick. That night we got at least six inches of snow. With permission from his boss, he didn't throw the Globe the next morning. He went that afternoon with the intention of throwing the Daily that afternoon also. He got stuck in a snow bank. He and one of his customers dug him out. Today after getting stuck again, he finally was able to throw the all the papers for the Globe route. Tomorrow he and I will go out to throw the Daily route. Why did a relatively easy second job become a full time stress laden full time job? Snow.

Today the nasty stuff is beginning to melt, praise God. I had to go to work today. It was my Saturday. I threw on a coat which I don't like to do and pulled on gloves and carefully walked through snow to the car. I had to get my car out. My husband had cleaned the car off but as can happen, it had frozen to the ground. Warm tires in deep snow can do that. I got out and drove to work down deeply rutted roads. I didn't slide one time, and the main roads were clear so I was happy. In town, the back roads were horrible. My country roads were better, but I still made it to work.

My co worker for the day told me that yesterday the roads were so bad that her husband couldn't get their car near our store to drop her off. He had to let out on the main four lane street in front of our store, and she had to walk across a snow clotted lot to get to the store. She fell and hurt her back. I hate snow.

I decided to pick up the few groceries that we needed after work today. I know, I know but the drip drip sound of melting snow always makes me happy, so I decided to chance it. It was horrible. Wal Mart doesn't know that you can pay someone to scrape all that nasty white stuff off your lot. The main lanes where traffic drove were clear. The parking spaces were covered with packed slick dangerous snow. The lot was full of cars dodging the people who walked right in front of the cars because that was the only safe place to walk. I was ticked off at the people walking where I needed to drive until I tried to walk on that slickery stuff. Then I joined the others and walked right down the middle of the lanes in front of the cars. I wrestled with pulling a full cart out of the clear lane up at least an inch of ice slush and then pulling it to my car to unload while being careful not to fall and bust my backside.

Snow. Some say that it is pure and beautiful. They are deceived. Snow presents itself as an angel of light, beautiful and pure, but it is deceitful. In reality it is treacherous and dangerous, waiting to cause wrecks, stress, extra work and broken limbs. I hate it.
29th-Oct-2006 10:40 am - Autumn Doings
It is a beautiful sunny autumn day here.. I don’t like cold weather at all, but you can’t help but enjoy the fall. We have had a week of gray rainy days for which I am most thankful. We needed the rain quite badly. Now we are going to be rewarded with golden days or crisp weather. The trees are golden, red, orange, and reddish brown. Families all long my drive to and from work have their autumn decorations in their yards. The hay bales and pumpkins and mums have been joined by the skeletons hanging from branches and the new glow in the dark pumpkins people are buying. Fall. Small columns of smoke fill the sky making the air is pungent with wood smoke and the smoke of burning leaves.

We get to sleep an extra hour tonight. That is a big deal to us with paper routes. My husband is selling the business, but while he does that he is doing two paper routes. One of them is an early morning route and one is an afternoon route. The afternoon route’s paper is thrown early in the morning on Sunday. Since he can’t do two at once, I do the second one. Sunday morning I get up at 2.00 am, throw on clothes, grab a sandwich and an apple and head out. I pick up the paper and am on the road by 2:30. My husband goes with me to load the papers in my car due to my arthritis. After short visits and good mornings with the other carriers, I’m off. I do a route that takes through three little bitty towns and many country roads. It is a beautiful area and a very pleasant drive. I spend the morning listening to my radio and singing or praying out loud as I throw papers for the nest one hundred or more miles. I am normally home again by 6:00 am. The first three times I ran this route my nephew went with me, but we both knew on the third trip that I didn’t need him any more. Now I go and enjoy myself. At times I am tempted to quite my job and just do the routes, but not very often.

My sister in law and I are busy planning my parents fifty wedding anniversary. Because they married young, they are still quite young for people who have been married that long. Mom says she has been married all of her life. They are still in love and are good companions. This party is going to be very special. The location is a secret from them, but it is going to be in an historical civil war house. It will be a catered sit down dinner with a fun program done by their grandchildren. We are all going to greatly enjoy it.

I am once again crocheting like a wild woman. Christmas is right around the corner after all.
7th-Oct-2006 09:47 pm - Belle
A week before my birthday when I came home from work, my husband handed me his phone and said, "Get directions from this woman."
I did. I did not know why. I thought we were going to look at books or something. The people had a basset hound to give away. They had gotten a basset puppy, but the puppy didn't get along with their other dog. We went and got her.
My dog disappeared one Sunday night about three years ago, but lately I had been wanting another one. I wanted another basset. This one is about ten months old. She is mostly brown and black with just a little white on her paws and her belly. She the wonderful basset ears and wrinkles. She is a delight. Her name is Belle. She fit into hour home immediately.
Belle is still puppyish which means she dances with delight when we come home or wake up. She runs as fast as she can through the house with ears and lips flapping skidding to stops and sliding across floors. She loves to carry things around in her mouth which is odd for a basset. She has a thing about the master bathroom and the things she finds there. After learning that the dogs she saw in the mirrors were not interested in playing with her, she turned to the bar of soap she found there. She never chews the bar of soap. She just carries them around. We haven't figured out why. When my husband couldn't find a bar of soap near the tub, he opened another. Later that night when I couldn't find the soap I opened yet another bar. Now there are three bars of soap floating around our house. I find them in strange places like under my pillow or on the couch or in front of the front door. It does explain why Belle has Irish Spring breath.
Soap is not the only bathroom thing she likes. If we don't watch her, she carries the tub stopper around with her. The other day when I work up from a nap to find Belle stretched in the middle of family room floor with a bar of soap, the tub stopper, my bottle of shampoo littered around her as she chewed on my tooth brush. I have another one now.
She thinks she needs to sleep in the bed right between us. I have almost convinced her to sleep at our feet.
She thinks the outside cats are great. She would be their friend but they are not interested at all. She walks over to them wagging her tail and stretching out a friendly inquiring nose only to be encounter a spitting hissing ball. The cats want to know why we brought her home.
We are going to enjoy her.
9th-Sep-2006 03:43 pm - TV?
As I cleaned house this weekend, I watched a show about the top 100 best loved TV characters. It was fun. Some I agreed with and some I didn't. It may be my age.

I loved these people on the list.

Who didn't love Andy Taylor? You can't be an American if you don't love Andy and Barney. I still love that show.

I loved the Bill Cosby Show. I loved that show. Many times I laughed until I hurt at that show. I know for a fact that he visited my home at times. It is another show I still watch. Great show.

I am a STAR TREK FAN. Yes I am. I admit to it. I can't help it. That's that. Teen age girls even today have crushes on this or that star. For me it was William Shatner. Actually it wasn't William Shatner as much as it was Captain Kirk. It makes me laugh to think about that now, but loved him when I was thirteen to fifteen. (Dear nephew, if I hear about this later, I will smack your head until we both hear bells. Yes, I will.)

Niles Crane - - - He has always made me laugh out loud.
Barney Miller and Fish

I loved Cheers at one time. I don't much now.

I never missed Leave It To Beaver as a kid even though it was reruns even then. I still like it sometimes.

I loved the Waltons as a kid. I don't know if I would now.

I still love the Fonz.

Okay, no way out of this one. I still love Dragnet and Emergency. Yes, I do.

I love Colombo, Murder She Wrote, Matlock,, ,

I still love Mash.

Those TV characters I loved as a child or a teen but don't like now.

As I kid, I watched the Brady Bunch. I hate it now.

I loved Little House when it was prime time. I hate it now. I don't like Michael Landon. I don't know why.

I used to like Bewitched.

The TV characters I just never saw or cared about:

I never cared about the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I never watched it and didn't care.

The Honeymooners. My parents never watched it and I don't care about it now.

I never did love Lucy.

I hated these people on the list:

I never understood the Friends thing. I watched it a couple of times and gave it up. I never liked it and never understood why others did.

I had the same feeling about Sienfield show. That may not even be spelled correctly. Frankly I thought it disgusting. I never did understand the following this show had. After watching it a couple of times just because of its popularity, I decided I would be very happy to never see it again.

I hate the Simpsons.

I never liked Laverne and Shirley. I had a friend that did, but I never got into them.

I hate Sanford and Son. I always did.
I hate Roseanne.
4th-Sep-2006 01:52 pm - Fall
Im going to enjoy today, but fall is always a bitter sweet time for me. I love the color and the feel in the air. I enjoy the change of seasons, but I winter follows fall and I hate winter. I hate the cold. I hate snow. I hate the extra clothes go with the cold. I hate hate hate the early and long dark, and I don't even live in the north. I hate wearing coats and gloves and nylons. My laundry doubles. I don't like the house's being shut up. Oh well . . . .

I enjoy Thanksgiving, but I only enjoy Christmas some. I'm thankful that my family has made choices that take a great deal of the pressure for Christmas away. We don’t' spend a great deal of money on gifts. We buy what we can afford or we don't buy at all. We don't buy for extended family members at all. I crochet and crochet very well, so I crochet for my nieces and nephews. They girls told me they wanted one of those new ponchos everyone is wearing. I can whip those out in no time, so I am. I enjoy it.

Other than that, fall is here. My pool needs to come down. My summer things need to be put away. My winter things brought out. It' s fall
18th-Apr-2006 03:13 pm - A trip down memory lane . . .
James, come go with me . .

A customer of mine and I had a conversation about the things that were common to us when were children as compared to what is normal to the children today. It was a fun thing to consider.
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1st-Mar-2006 11:34 pm - Two giggles to share
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28th-Feb-2006 08:43 pm(no subject)
A family in our church lost their house to a house fire last summer. Ever since then they have been living at the living quarters in our church as their house is being built. The father of the family and some of the men of the church are building the house. They work on it in the evenings after they leave their jobs and on Saturday. It has been a labor in love for this large family. They have never had their own home. They have always rented and rented a home that was really too small for their large family. This new home is going to be just right. There will be plenty of bedrooms and three bathrooms. They will also have a school room, an important addition to a homeschool family. All of the families in my church homeschools.
After church one evening the mother of this family, two or three other ladies and I had a conversation about this house. She was showing us the colors all the rooms were being painted and explaining her overall color sceme. She told us that she has never had the chance to do this before because they had always rented. This time she gets to have her own colors and her own designs.

This house is a real blessing to all of us. It is in the country on land they were given by their family. The house isn’t costing as much as it would because of the way it is being built. God not only replaced what they lost but added to it almost ten fold. He has blessed them.

When they are finished and all moved in they are going to have an open house. I am crocheting a beautiful afghan in her very favorite color. I know what it is because she told us. She is using it as an accent color in her designs, It is going to be a gorgeous afghan. It is a elegant floral motif. Since I have been crocheting forever, I can do those really elegant complicated afghans. A special afghan for a special house. Can’t wait.
27th-Feb-2006 11:06 am(no subject)
Hey hey each and everyone of you. To join the family community go to the following address.


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Love you each and every one!
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